Setting ambitious and audacious goals has been enroute in the building empire of the Specialty coffee for us, here at Snap Trading and Industry PLC. With that progressive approach, we are proud to announce the newest addition to our washed processing station located in the province of Illubabor, the Woreda of Nopa. 

Before SNAP Specialty Coffee began the wet mill operation in this area, the coffee

was dried on the ground and sold at low prices for local traders. Now with the acquisition,  Nopa wet mill has undergone construction and operates alongside partnerships with 1,220 outgrower farmers who supply coffee cherries to this improved wet mill.

 This wet mill is located in the southwest Ethiopia’s Oromiaregional state, Illubabor zone, and Bilo Nopa woreda. It is 23 km from the zonal town, Metu, and 621 Km away from Addis Ababa. Having an altitude of 1,600 – 1,750 m a.s.l.. This exquisite coffee will undergo a fully washed processing method and will be let to dry on the bed for 11 days. Harvest period estimated to take place from October to December. Coffee production at this washing station will officially begin operations for the upcoming 2021 Harvest. 


Traditional the wet mill uses AGAARD pulping machine to de-pulp the coffee

cherries during the harvest along with 280 drying tables. The pulping

takes place during the night once after the member farmer’s delivery their coffee cherry pickings.The wet mill receives water from a perennial river and the mill is considered a low pollution due to the processing methods that take place. Specifically, the sustainable waste reduction approach begins with the end product, the green coffee bean and the pulp. While the green coffee beans are the primary assets, the pulp on the other hand is used as a compost for the soil, while the excess water is treated by vetiver grass and evaporated in a lagoon. Relevant because the soil in the region is volcanic and sedimentary

            Although this is the beginning, we would like to expand our quality control for our coffee beans and at the same time find better ways to utilize the remains from the coffee in an efficient and sustainable way. More of the details of that, coming soon.  

Finally, with the beginning of this wet mill, we are striving to improve the quality of life and overall betterment of the livelihood of farmers. As of right now, we have successfully hired an industry manager, accountant, storekeeper, guards, and daily laborers.

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