Washed Guji Uraga Raro Boda Grade 1

Origin: Ethiopia 
Region: Oromia 
Zone: Guji
Area: Uraga
Wet Mill: Raro Boda 
Variety: Wolisho and Dega 
Altitude: 1900 – 2250 m a.s.l
Soil Type: Fertile, Redbrown
Farmers Contributed for the Lot : 257
Harvesting Period:  Nov – Jan. 
Processing Method – Washed and Natural. 


Raro wet mill is owned and operated by a coffee entrepreneur, Negusse Debela who has built years of experience working in wet mills throughout Uraga, Guji for the past 5 years. Raro Boda is located on the East of Uraga which has now become famous for its remarkable cup profile. The wet mill was established in 2018 with an estimated 674 farmers deliver red cherry to this wet mill. The wet mill prepares a total of 800 bags of washed specialty coffee per year.This year, SNAP Specialty Coffee has renovated the wet mill fermentation tank with ceramic cover which has resulted in clean and refreshing cup profile on the washed coffees that the wet mill prepares.