Natural Guji Buku Hambela Sayisa
Grade 1

Origin: Ethiopia

Region: Oromia

Zone: Guji

District: Hambela Wamena

Producer: Esayas Beriso.

Farm Size : 5.2 Hectares

Variety: Dega Variety ( JARC ).

Altitude: 2,000 – 2,350 m a.s.l

Soil Type: Fertile, Red brown

Harvesting Period: December – January.

Processing Method – Natural.


This lot has been carefully prepared in a raised Dry African Bed which slots in the area of Buku, a District of Hambela Wamena in the broader Guji Zone. This coffee has been picked matured with the strict supervision from the farmer Esayas Beriso whose families are dependent on coffee farming.

Buku is one of the highest elevated coffee growing areas in Ethiopia with a pick altitude of 2,350 meters above sea level where this coffee is grown and prepared. The farm plots are scattered with the coffee trees looking healthier and are located at distant. Farmers in the surrounding area transport the red cherry picked through horses due to the uneven topography of the village.

This Natural has unique and delicious characteristics of raspberry, lemonade, brown sugar, coconuts, melon and juicy body.